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Re: On James Joyce and the Co-M

Nov 24, 1998 04:43 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain writes
>In a message dated 98-11-23 18:50:31 EST, you write:
><< In the case of the Golden Dawn men, this was English Grand Lodge
> Freemasonry, members of which founded the Golden Dawn via the
> Societias Rosicruciana in Anglia (which still exists, and open only to
> English Grand Lodge Freemasons).  This info from one of its members
> (which I am not).
> Alan >>
>And they would not have soiled themselves with Co-m but would
have been good Scotch Rite freemasons.

Hoots Mon! Scots are Scottish, Whisky is Scotch.  Curiously, the Co-
Masonic Order works the Scottish Rite of 33 degrees ... but as you
say, the G.D. founders and their ilk would have regarded Co-Masonry
as an abomination in the eyes of their version of G, who is, of course, a
British White Male who is kind to dogs, and respects the woman's
place in the kitchen and the bed.   The United Grand Lodge of England
(UGLE, pronounced by its own members as "ugly") does not seem to
have changed in this respect.

Now if they were to be forced to encounter some of the formidable
women holding high office in the ranks of Co-Masonry .... 
Alan :-))
Simply Occult ..........

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