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Re: Round and round and round

Nov 26, 1998 04:23 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 12:14 AM 11/26/1998 +0000, Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
>M K Ramadoss <> writes
Don't look at me, though.  I've not a clue to what "I" am or what the
universe" is or what "Beness" is - probably just all words for the same
thing. . .as are ALL words, really.  Hmmm, Jerry's question number three???
You are not alone.

Looking for someone who knows about these things first hand and can be
independently verified.

>Dearest Doss,

You have said this before, and having had some first hand experience, I
offered to discuss with you privately, which you decline to do.  I am
sure I am not the only person on the list(s) who could make the same
offer.  Don't you trust us?  Familiarity often breeds not contempt, but
indifference and lack of confidence.


Dearest Alan:

I need to clarify where I stand. 

Let me be factual. There are so many things about which I know nothing
about as such I am open minded to listen to anyone on any topic. 

If I did not followup with a request to you to send me your personal
experience privately, it is because I may not have paid much attention to
the particular msg or time pressure or both. It is definitely not all due
to contempt/indifference/lack of confidence.

I am really eager to know about yours experience. I also welcome any one
else's private communication of any of their experiences.

Hope this should clear up the matter.


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