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Who said what where and when?

Nov 28, 1998 01:16 AM
by kymsmith

Excuse me for complaining again (so against my nature, you know), but posts
forwarded from Theos-World and Theos-Talk leave those of us NOT subscribed
to those lists with only a half-understanding of what the discussions are
all about.  These such posts are also edited and selected solely by the
person forwarding them - leaving open even more room for misinterpretations
and misunderstandings.

If individuals desire to cross-post, well, fine and neato.  However,
despite the weighty difficulties, it would be fair and quite democratic to
see the complete and uncensored posts which apply to particular threads.

And, now. . .let us reflect back to a recent exchange of postings which
pondered how and why Theosophical writings land upon the printing press
suffering from a lack of "authenticity."  


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