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The December THEOSOPHY WORLD is Out

Nov 30, 1998 08:45 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

The December issue of THEOSOPHY WORLD just came out. It's
contents are:

"Devotion," by Mrs. Isabel Cooper-Oakley
"Audio Recording of G. de Purucker," by Eldon Tucker
"The Theosophical Movement: 1875 - 1998," by Dallas TenBroeck
"Innovative Theosophy," by Eldon Tucker
"Incorrodible Bronze," H.T. Edge
"Myth of the Masters," by Sy Ginsburg
"Theosophical Directions," by Nancy B. Conley
"Different Models of Globes, Planes, and Principles," by
    Eldon Tucker
"Women in the Theosophical Movement," Part I, by James Santucci
"Cycles in the Universe and the Harmonics Theory," by Ray Tomes
"How to Spend a Fun Day," by John R. Crocker

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