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Re: THEOS-L digest 1648

Sep 30, 1998 06:32 PM
by JDJ91043

Thank you to those of you willing to share this information.  I have been
exposed to Theosophy for about 5 years. I thoroughly enjoy reading the
discussions, debates
and other valuable information that is shared on THEOS-L DIGEST.
Much of Blavatsky's work is extremely difficult to understand.  Many of you
an excellent ability to condense your thoughts and share them with all of us.
I enjoy
reading your philosophy and assimilating it for myself.  "There is no religion
than truth"  is what caught my attention in the first place.  I am a seeker of
truth as I 
understand it.  What was true when I was in organized religion has been
replaced with
a greater truth. The more enlightend I become the more open I remain.  Speak
your  truth
and allow others to receive it or file it for later retrieval.  When the
student is ready the teacher will come.

Thanks again.


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