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Latest Song

Oct 16, 1998 10:00 PM
by M K Ramadoss

""How soon will I be holy? How much does this cost, guru?" Morissette sings
in her opening number BABA, with a face that for a moment takes on
features of Chucky the Doll."

Some of the creative artists are more perceptive than others. 

In the current culture of gurus (whether by seen or unseen gurus,
exploitation of the followers by themselves or by those who claim to be the
exclusive mouthpieces /representatives) and every "spiritual" activity
justifying passing plates or admission fee or suggested donation for this
cause or that cause, and in the great expectation of "spiritual" growth
here and now, Morrissette seems to be right. Money is the King in the
temporal and spiritual world, it seems.


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