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About alterations on Blavatsky's texts (To Graye-Caldwell)

Oct 19, 1998 10:47 AM
by Estrella

Hi all.
This is for all of you , but speccialy to Graye-Caldwell,who is the
inquiring one)
I haven't read much theosophy texts on english. most of the material i
have read is on the web. But (Speaking for me) In México you can find
theosophy books, and most of the material is edited in Argentina (The
cheap ones are the paperbacks of Blavatsky related materials; huge books
like SD and Isis are way too expensive)
I have a "Voice of the silence" book edited in Argentina. is a little
blue book. Reading about the errors you said, i notice that in spanish
(Specialy in Argentinan translations, probably made in base in european
books rather than in US books) there are not that quantity of errors
like in the US versions (That are, by the way, slight different, i have
noticed that, of spanish versions )
It would be useful for you to compare spanish books of Theosophy
(Speccialy Mexican-Argentinan translations, because they carry less
modisms-coloquial strange names-) Spain versions are full of modisms and
they are quite difficult to understand and translate to English, more
accustom to mexican spanish.
I hope this information helps you in some way.

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