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Re: Common scientific basis to afterlife reports?

Oct 21, 1998 04:17 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Peter Novak <> writes
>If the spirit splits
>away at death, and the spirit is in fact our conscious mind, death
>suddenly become far less hopeful a place than merely the reincarnation
>scenario of the East or the heaven/hell of the West. Instead, we are
>split apart, losing our very SELFhood.

We could consider that while soul and spirit are co-existent in us during
life, it is the soul, and not the spirit, which splits away at death.  The soul
would see this as extinction, and be afraid of death - a necessary
condition of "self-preservation" whilst incarnate.

My perception is that this is indeed what happens, though I see memory
as part of spirit.  Memory and recall are not, however, the same thing,
so that recall will produce (say) past life experiences or confused
mixtures of genuine and imagined events, while memory will *know* the
basic facts.
>This rings true in my ears. When something deteriorates, it breaks down
>into its constituent components.  Perhaps the mind does as well. Perhaps
>this explains whay so many ancient religions focused so strongly on the
>importance of INTEGRITY.

Absolutely.  The integrity however is integrity of spirit, which could be
said to use "soul" as a vehicle, and would, if not immediately after
physical death, allow the "soul" to disintegrate after its experience(s)
had been absorbed into memory.

This is my interpretation of occult teaching as I have received it, but in
the short context of an e-mail begs the question (as always) of the
definition of terms!

Simply Occult ..........

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