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An interesting observation

Oct 25, 1998 06:00 AM
by M K Ramadoss

The well known Soviet KGB General Kalugin writes:

George Blake's conversion to communism I think
was in many ways motivated by his profound belief
in Christian values. You may be surprised, but the
communist ideology, in its original form, borrowed a
lot from early Christianity: the brotherhood of
people, the brotherhood of nations, equality and
universal love, and many other things. ... I think
[when he was interned] in the North Korean
prisoners' camp, where the Soviet officers were
actively looking for potential spies, he found a good
interlocutor, the man who understood his
convictions, and who enhanced them by providing a
model of the U.S.S.R. as a Christian country, in a
sense, whose goals are very close to that of
Christianity. Paradise on Earth in our lifetime -- isn't
it appealing?"

MKR Comment:

We have Nazi's using some of the theosophical ideas to further their own ends.

Now we have Communists using some of the ideas to further their own ends.

Reminds me of devil quoting scriptures.


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