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RE: statements in SECRET DOCTRINE -- Sorry some corrections detected -- now corrected

Oct 31, 1998 05:24 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Oct 31st 1998

This is the corrected version:  Sorry !


Oct 30th 1998

>Quotations from the SECRET DOCTRINE & Isis Unveiled:

"...every theology, from the earliest and oldest down to the
latest, has sprung not only from a common source of abstract
beliefs, but from one universal esoteric, or "Mystery"
language...The great archaic system known from prehistoric ages
as the sacred Wisdom Science...can be traced in every old as well
as in every new religion, had, and still has, its universal
language...the language of the Hierophants, which has seven
"dialects"...each one of the seven mysteries of
Nature.  Each had its own symbolism...the words of that mystery
language signified the same thing to each man of whatever
nationality"	SD I 310

"It is maintained that INDIA...including its ancient boundaries
is the only country in the world which still has among her sons
adepts, who have the knowledge of all the seven sub-systems and
the keys to the entire system. [ astronomical, geometrical,
numerical, physiological, anthropological, psychic,
alchemical ]."
	SD I 311

"...the Rishis were the septiform presentations 1) of the noumena
of the intelligent Powers of nature;  2) of Cosmic Forces;  3) of
celestial bodies;  4) of gods or Dhyan Chohans;  5) of psychic
and spiritual powers:  6) of divine kings on earth (or the
incarnations of the gods);  and 7) of terrestrial heroes or men.
The knowledge of how to discern among thee seven forms the one
is meant, belonged at all times to the initiates..."	SD II 765

"The seven fundamental transformations of the globes or heavenly
spheres, or rather their constituent particles of matter, is
described as follows:  1) the homogeneous;  2) the aeriform and
radiant (gaseous;  3) Curd-like (nebulous);  4) Atomic, Ethereal
(beginning of motion, hence of differentiation);  5) Germinal,
fiery, (differentiated, but composed of the germs only of the
Elements, in their earliest states, they having seven states,
when completely developed on our earth);  6) Four-fold, vapory
(the future Earth);  7) Cold and depending (on the Sun for life
and light)."	SD I 295-6fn.

" is on this "knowledge" that the programme of the MYSTERIES
and of the series of Initiations was based:  thence, the
construction of the Pyramids the everlasting record and the
indestructible symbol of these Mysteries and Initiations on
Earth, as the courses of stars are in the Heaven.  The cycle of
Initiation was a reproduction in miniature of that great series
of Cosmic changes to which astronomers have given the name of
tropical or sidereal year.  Just as, at the close of the cycle of
the sidereal year [ 25,868 years ], the heavenly bodies return to
the same relative positions as they occupied at its outset, so at
the close of the cycle of Initiation the inner man regained the
pristine state of divine purity and knowledge from which he set
out on his cycle of terrestrial incarnations."	SD I 314

"Every old religion is but a chapter or two of the entire volume
of archaic primeval mysteries--Eastern Occultism alone being able
to boast that it is in possession of the full secret, with its
seven keys."	SD I 318

"...the evolution and correlation of the mysteries of Kosmos, of
its growth and development--spiritual and physical, abstract and
concrete--were first recorded in geometrical changes of shape.
Cosmogony began with a circle, a point, a triangle and a cube, up
to number 9, when it was synthesized by the first line and a
circle--the Pythagorean mystic Decade, the sum of all, involving
and expressing the mysteries of the entire Kosmos;  recorded a
hundred times more fully in the Hindu system, for him who can
understand its mystic language.  The numbers 3 and 4, in their
blending of 7, as those of 5, 6, 9, and 10, are the very corner-
stone of Occult Cosmogonies."		SD I 321

"The corner-stone of magic is an intimate practical knowledge of
magnetism and electricity, their qualities, correlatons, and
potencies.  Especially necessary is a familiarity with their
effects in and upon the animal kingdom and man...To sum up all in
a few words, MAGIC is spiritual WISDOM;  nature the material
ally, pupil and servant of the magician.  One common vital
principle pervades all things and this is controllable by the
perfected human will...[The adept] cannot control the immortal
spirit of any human being, living or dead, for all such spirits
are alike sparks of the Divine Essence, and not subject to any
foreign domination."	Isis Unveiled II 589-90

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