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Public Access to Non Profit Info

Oct 30, 1998 07:59 PM
by M K Ramadoss

US Congress is getting impatient with the Non Profit Tax Exempts, as there
is too much of expenses of many of these organizations are questionable in
terms of what is allowed by the tax law. As a consequence, slowly
legislation has been passed and being implemented to make it easy for the
public to access some of the operational information which are already in
the public domain. Soon screws are going to be tightened on tax exempts as
far as public access to the info on the operations. 

What congress had done is to delegate the compliance and enforcement
function to the IRS. One of the ways this is done is to increase the
penalties on the tax exempts for non responsiveness/non compliance in such
a way the penalties can be painful. The details are being finalized in
Washington DC and we can hope to hear the full details before the end of
the year. Keep tuned. 

You can get free persuasive help and assistance from IRS to make any tax
exempt organization to be responsive to public requests for the info
already in public domain.




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