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Sep 10, 1998 04:23 AM
by M K Ramadoss

It is not usual to see bureaucrats use efficient and effective tools due to
being bound to old traditions. Now it is changing in Internet world.

Starr's report, as soon as it is made public will be posted on Internet.
The usual practice is for Govt Printing Office to print and sell printed
reports and also print it in the Congressional Report. While this will be
done, it will be available on Internet for instant access from anywhere
free of cost.

I think even Congress is recognizing the power of Internet as a medium of
communication, which is amazing.

There is a lesson for all organizations, spiritual or business or

Internet is here to stay and will be a standard means of communication and
distribution of information. 

One does expect Occult Secrets (or presumed Secrets) to be posted on
Internet, all organizations intent on distribution information to the world
may not want to miss the boat.


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