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Openness and Democracy

Sep 11, 1998 05:51 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Democracy and openness, as compared to autocracy and lack of openness, is a
great world-wide change that is taking place. TV and Internet is playing a
very critical role. And United States is in the forefront of the changes

The changes we are seeing is more radical than many, IMHO, may recognize it.

In many parts of the country it is now criminal for public tax supported
bodies conduct their business behind closed doors.

Starr report and the plan to make it immediately available on Internet is
setting up a new standard for immediate and complete disclosure. Also it
makes clear that even the lives of highest office holders is not immune
from public scrutiny, whether one likes it or not.

I am sure that the Real Founders of TS may have forseen the changes coming
down the pike and the expiration of the copyright of the classics such as
SD may be going on as planned.

Who knows how all this is going to enable theosophy to be made accessible
to the public. Only future could tell.

Theosophical organizations can look at the changing world and should make
the full use of the opportunity.


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