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New McCarthyism

Sep 18, 1998 10:10 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

The Internet is certainly showing its ugly side these days.  By
more than a 2-1 majority, the American people said in polls that
they *did not want to know the sexual details* of the
Lewinsky/Clinton affair.  Congress and the media forced them down
our throats anyway.  Afterwards, by more than a 2-1 margin, the
public still said that we didn't need or want to know these
details.  Having been responsible for unleashing sexual hysteria
on a country that has been fed up with it all year, Congress now
is "SHOCKED!" to find themselves victims of this.  Henry Hyde is
talking about investigating who told his story, and promises
retribution in the form of charges of "intimidating Congress."
Congress doesn't give a damn about intimidating the public into
acquiescing in the character assassination of the most popular
president in decades.  

The only solace that I can find on the basis of spiritual beliefs
comes from Cayce rather than Theosophy.  He described 1998 as the
point when we would really begin to understand the Aquarian Age,
an era in which there would be a "new medium of exchange."  "For
as the earth and the people of same enter Aquarius, the air, we
find that the electrical forces, electronics and energies will be
the ruling influences."  It's clear that the executive branch is
less in control of things than it has been in a long time.
But if the legislative and judicial branches think that they are
gaining by the recent opening of Pandora's box, they will soon be
aware that this is a lose/lose scenario.  Every American is
threatened by the abolition of privacy.  Everyone in the world
is.  And electronics is the ruling influence making that so. 

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