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Re: VOICE OF THE SILENCE---The Theosophy Company edition

Sep 17, 1998 07:43 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 10:25 PM 9/17/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>Daniel wrote:
>> > An accurate verbatim reproduction of the Voice is available from
>> > Theosophical University Press, Pasadena, CA.  There are three other
>> > editions of the Voice in print which are superior (IMO) to the > >
Theosophy Company's edition.
>Paul asked:
>> What three editions are these?
>Daniel replies:
>(1) The Second Quest edition of the Voice published by TPH Wheaton,
>Illinois, USA.  This edition includes:

What awas the year of publication of this edition?

>(a) index
>(b) historical introduction by Boris de Zirkoff
>(c) same pagination as original
>(d) almost verbatim with original

Does almost verbatim mean there are changes/corrections etc?

>(2)  Kessinger Publications has issued a facsimile reprint of the
>original 1889 edition.

Was this done recently?

>(3)  H.P.B. Library, Canada has a reprint of the Peking edition of the
>Voice.  Edited by Alice Cleather and Basil Crump.  Pagination the same
>as original.  Cleather and Crump have made corrections but they are
>indicated in an informative addendum. Etc. etc.

Does anyone know if any of the above is available on the WWW?


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