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The Mahatma Letters: the occult code?

Sep 19, 1998 07:15 AM
by Graye/Caldwell

Eldon B Tucker wrote:

> In 1972 I was in the British
> Museum, and compared a page or two of the third edition of THE
> MAHATMA LETTERS to the actual letters, and found a few words to be
> different.
> Should one study the letters from a photographic image of them,
> showing the handwriting, position of words on the page, actual text
> written without any editorial changes/corrections, etc.?

Eldon, this is a good series of questions?

The 3rd edition of the Mahatma Letters does not conform completely to
the original MSS in the British Library.  In many cases the editors of
the 3rd edition have changed words whereas the Mahatma had written
something else. In fact, I believe the 2nd edition may have its

Would Tony M. and Paul B. advocate only studying the original letters or
facsimiles of those original letters?

Is there some "occult danger" in reading/studying the Mahatma Letters in
book form?  Especially since the Mahatmas in their letters did not want
these letters published in their entirety.

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