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Re: On Gurdijeff-Ouspensky

Sep 28, 1998 05:21 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Estrella <> writes
>Hi. Somewhere recently a person very wise that i know invited me to join
>a Gurdijeff-Ouspensky school, and i wanted to know more information on
>them. I know that they founded a school of taught, slightly based on
>Theosophical principles and taughts. I want you to tell me if these guys
>weren't just another wierd bunch of fanatics that rips off your
>money/brain, as other fake pretended "mystical-occult"
>swamis/teachers/illuminated guys/lunatics.
>Also i would like a brief explanation of the principles taught by that
>Gurdijeff-Ouspensky followers, wether is correct/fake.
>I have heard a lot of them, also here, but i don't know with certain
>which principles their doctrine is based off/ about off.
>In the meanwhile, thanks.
Dear Estrella,

I once belonged to an Ouspenksy-based school.  I learned much, but
would warn against getting too deeply involved with their system, which,
IMHO, is seriously flawed.

For a good outline, read Ouspenky's  book, "In Search of the

Simply Occult ..........

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