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Do you believe in magic? ;)

Sep 28, 1998 01:52 PM
by Estrella

Hi friends, and thanks!! for your help on the romantic subject.
my friend is very much calm now....she told me that something rather
special happen to her recently. she found somebody who did give the
correct answers to this problem, that involves matters from long time
ago.She was so amazed by the fact, (It was just after she read the
letters you kindly wrote) that seriously suspects that some psychic help
(Maybe you guys?) was sent her to help.
I believe that it is time to take a quiet moment within us, and notice
that the magic is still there. is just that we have the minds to full of
other matters, and we forget that the powerful wizards of yore are still
Helping us to see what it is ment to be, the real things.

P.S. Thanks speccialy to Kym, Dallas and Alan for your dear answers.

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