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Thesophical "Animal Farm"

Sep 29, 1998 04:18 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain writes
>Dallas wrote:
>>I thought this synopsis of the contents of this article would be
>>interesting to our group:
>>              HPB  --  WHAT ARE THE THEOSOPHISTS ?
>>True psychology and philosophy can only be found maintained (from
>>antiquity to the present) in ancient Indian texts.
>>All religions are considered equal, none being superior.
>If ALL religions are "considered equal, none being superior," how can one
>state that "true psychology and philosophy can ONLY be found maintained
>(from antiquity to the present) in ancient Indian texts?"
Because [organised] religions, being based upon "faith," allow us to
believe two contradictory statements at the same time.  For example, in
Christianity, God [viewed as a "person"] is singular and plural at the
same time.  Being a male-dominated religion, this is perfectly logical.

(Sorry, chaps).

Alan :0|
Simply Occult ..........

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