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RE: Gurdjeff-Ouspensky schools and books

Sep 29, 1998 00:46 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Sept 28th 1998

Dear Estrella:

The only way to learn something about such matters is for you to
look into them yourself and see if they make sense

Look for the "PRINCIPLES" or the bases that any system offers.

Why should you believe anyone, or take any opinion (mine
included) to be "correct?"

I can tell you for instance about Theosophy - There are three
fundamental principles  (see Secret Doctrine, Vol. I, pp 14-19.)

1. Deity is UNIVERSAL it animates and gives life and purpose to
all beings, large or small SPIRIT/SOUL that animates them at the
core is ONE WITH THIS UNIVERSAL DEITY.  The whole Universe is its
being, whether the universe is manifesting, as it is now, or
whether it is "asleep" and resting between two "manifestations."

When a fresh Manifestation begins we see the two contrasting
poles of "Spirit," and "Matter" emerge along with MIND -
Intelligence - Consciousness.  The organizing and planning of the
whole Kosmos begins again, using the intelligences that had gone
to sleep and which are now also awakening.  It is like our
sleeping and waking every day.

2.	The 2nd "principle" is therefore LAW  (also called KARMA) 	and
this works everywhere and all the time.  Every being is 	involved
in the cycles of time and the return of events, such 	as day and
night, and the cycles of the seasons each year.  	No one can
"escape by prayer or contrition from the results 	of errors and
mistakes and evils done, as well as the good 	things that we do
in life.

2. The 3rd principle is that every being is evolving.  It is
securing by experience more intelligence and knowledge.  At one
end of the scale you have the new-born beings and at the end you
have the very Wise Ones who have learned everything that a
Universe can teach them - and they then participate in the future
in that great educational program by assisting all those who know
less than they do.

The whole of the philosophy of Theosophy revolves around these
great fundamental ideas.  They are offered for our consideration
and thought. - is this a true and fair description of the
Universe we are in and the situation that we live in ?

Such ideas can be applied to any system that is offered.  What is
their objective?  What are their principles ?

Do they teach the human being to become wiser, more
compassionate, honest, true, fair, sincere ?  Or do they teach
other things ?

You have to make the decisions, but good decisions are always
made with as much knowledge as you can secure.  Trial and error
are very dangerous methods.


Estrella <> writes
>Hi. Somewhere recently a person very wise that i know invited me
to join
>a Gurdijeff-Ouspensky school, and i wanted to know more
information on
>them. I know that they founded a school of taught, slightly
based on
>Theosophical principles and taughts. I want you to tell me if
these guys
>weren't just another wierd bunch of fanatics that rips off your
>money/brain, as other fake pretended "mystical-occult"
>swamis/teachers/illuminated guys/lunatics.
>Also i would like a brief explanation of the principles taught
by that
>Gurdijeff-Ouspensky followers, wether is correct/fake.
>I have heard a lot of them, also here, but i don't know with
>which principles their doctrine is based off/ about off.
>In the meanwhile, thanks.

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