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Security Alert

Aug 07, 1998 12:55 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Here is an announcement from Qualcomm, the company that has developed
Eudora e-mail program.

You may have read recently that there is potential for 
unauthorized programs to be run on your system through 
the use of hostile Java scripts and/or applets. This problem
affects users of the Windows versions of Eudora Pro Email 4.0 
and 4.0.1, as well as Eudora Pro CommCenter 4.0 and 4.0.1. 
Note that Eudora Light users, users of previous
versions of Eudora Pro, and Macintosh users 
are not susceptible to these Java attacks. 

QUALCOMM became aware of this problem yesterday (8/6/98) 
and will be offering an updater for Windows Eudora Pro 
and CommCenter 4.0.1 and 4.0 within the next few
hours that addresses these issues and will prevent 
these types of attacks. QUALCOMM will also make 
available a new Eudora Pro 4.1 beta that contains 
these fixes by Friday afternoon Pacific Standard Time. 

Until the new software is posted, you can protect 
yourself by turning off the Microsoft viewer from 
within Eudora. To do this, follow these steps: 

1.In Eudora, go to the Tools menu and choose "Options". 
2.On the left hand side of the options window, select "Viewing Mail" 
3.On the right hand side of the options window, make 
sure the box next to "Use Microsoft's viewer" is UNCHECKED. 
4.Click on "OK" on the bottom of the window. 

Eudora Pro Email, Eudora Pro CommCenter and Eudora Light are not
susceptible to buffer overflow security problem

QUALCOMM rigorously tested its line of Eudora email 
software after becoming aware
of the buffer overflow security problems 
recently found in Microsoft and Netscape email
programs. QUALCOMM is pleased to announce that 
its Eudora email products are not
susceptible to the types of attacks that can harm 
the computers of users of these other

QUALCOMM tested Eudora Pro and Eudora CommCenter 
versions 4.0, as well as
Eudora Pro and Eudora Light versions 3.0 
on both the Windows and Macintosh
platforms. In all cases, Eudora does not 
allow any unauthorized programs to be
automatically executed on a user's system. 

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