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AW: THEOS-L digest 1605

Aug 11, 1998 10:49 PM
by Mittelberger Martina

I think that the most importing thing is to be unselfish, to agree to do
something for others even if it causes handicaps for oneself. And this
is much more difficult than to eat no meat. I am a vegetarian, but it is
easy, because I do not like meat. But I know many vegetarians, who are
sooo proud of it and they think to be the better humans. They forget,
that even Hitler was a vegetarian.
If one of the masters find us useful, they will let us know. Till then,
we should learn and practice in our daily life.
PS: You cannot compare meat-eating at the time of HPB and nowadays.
There were no such cruel meat-farms and circumstances under which the
animal suffer today. I am sure, that it is okay to eat meat sometimes,
but only from animals which had a "good" and proper life.Otherwise we
support the meat-industry whith all the worse consequences to animals,
environment and health.

Martina Mittelberger

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> 			    THEOS-L Digest 1605
> Topics covered in this issue include:
>   1) Apporaching Adepts
> 	by M K Ramadoss <>
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> Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 18:09:51 -0500
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> Subject: Apporaching Adepts
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> Approaching Adepts
> We have seen some traffic on the question of how to approach Adepts
> with a
> view that they may consider one for a chelaship which may ultimately
> lead
> Adeptship and beyond.
> Consider the case of Olcott. Before he came into touch with HPB, while
> a
> man of very high integrity and talents, he was a man of bars,
> nightclubs
> and women. He was a smoker and meat eater. 
> In the traditional model of a candidate for attention of an Adept, he
> will
> be the most unfit person. On the other hand, the Brothers who launched
> TS
> found him to be their best choice. 
> In one of the letters to APS, one of the Brothers clearly stated that
> while
> Olcott was far from perfect he was the best man available for the job.
> BTW,
> in one of the letters to APS one of the Brothers did mention that if
> there
> were 10s of thousands of people leading a very pure life but they did
> not
> chose them due to their wrong beliefs which are more difficult to deal
> with
> rather than some of the purely physical habits like smoking and meat
> eating
> etc.  
> During his life time, Olcott was blessed with personally meeting
> several
> Brothers. It should also be noted that when he and HPB lived in Adyar
> he
> ate meat and also enjoyed smoking his cigar. 
> In a similar manner, HPB also was a meat eater and smoker. Nor did she
> fit
> into the "cultured" model of the day. She swore and used language not
> fit
> for "cultured" society. I do not think that she sought and found the
> Brothers. One of the Brothers always kept a watchful eye on her from
> the
> day she was born.
> So when we talk of looking for Adepts by leading a model life - non
> smoking, non-meat eating, celibacy, non use of fur etc. while all of
> that
> may be good for health of the physical body, I am wondering if lot
> more is
> needed in one's quest for looking for an Adept. Like Willie Nelson's
> song -
> "Looking for love in all the wrong places", may be it is time to
> re-examine
> the whole question and ask ourselves if we are Looking for the Adept
> in all
> the wrong places...
> Perhaps when a Brother knows that we can get a job done in the
> interests of
> Humanity, there may no need to look for a Brother. Brothers will come
> knocking.
> mkr.../\...

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