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Internet in Universities

Aug 16, 1998 06:58 PM
by M K Ramadoss

The march of Internet along with local area network is progressing by leaps
and bounds.

Here is some interesting news.

In some universities, they are making it a requirement that every student
get a notebook computer. Every chair in every class room has a Ethernet and
power outlets so that computer can be plugged into local area network. In
many of the dining rooms, there are Ethernet jacks. For those who are in a
place where it is not practical to have jack, wireless Ethernet option is
there. Just go to the library (round the clock) and check out a wireless
PCMCIA card and your notebook can communicate wireless with Ethernet and
from it on to Internet.

Who can tell what is going to happen in the years to come. One thing is
sure -- everyone better keep up with what technology is doing -- this
includes all organizations -- or will be left behind and run over.

More updates as they become available.


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