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Aug 18, 1998 05:37 AM
by M K Ramadoss

In a report on Pitney Bowes which has lion's share of the postage meter
business, here is an interesting observation:

"Already, 90 percent of our clients say they get more E-mail than hard
copy," said James W. Lundy, a research director of the Gartner Group, a
research organization in Connecticut. "Traditional mail and metering are
under attack, and Pitney had better figure out where it fits in the electronic
mail equation."

>From what I have seen, most of the organizations led by older people (who
may think they are very wise because of their age and experience) with
archaeic ideas, are still deeply very much in love with pen and paper and
snailmail for reasons known only to them, and perhaps the fear of the
computer and speed of electronic medium.

Of course, they are creating good Karma by feeding those employed in Post
Office and postage meter companies, while at the same time creating bad
Karma in the unnecessary destruction of trees.

Looks like things *will* change only when the present generation who grew
up in the computer/Internet age takes charge of the leadership.


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