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Masters online

Aug 19, 1998 02:10 PM
by K. Zaitzev

     Hi Estrella!

E> Do you think we could comunicate with the masters by e-mail??  :p

    I think they easily could, but suppose some of them would reply
your message in this list. Will anyone believe that it's a real answer
from masters? I suspect, no. People put even the snailmail letters
under question though those could be explored by the experts more
profoundly than emails.
    From the other hand, from mahatma letters follow that in their
Tibet there's always lack of paper, ink and other things like that,
so it would be similarly with an Internet access, especially under
chinese occupation.
    It would be interesting to investigate another questions - can
we use computers for receiving messages from disembodied spirits?
For instance a medium can charge the keyboard by his eheric substance
enabling for a spirit an easy access to PC. It wouldn't be more
difficult for a spirit than use of conventional tablets, blackboards
and devices like that but will increase CPS rate and provide messages
in a convenient ASCII format. If this idea will work, mahatmas also
can use this method.

     With best wishes, Konstantin (still embodied).
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