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Re: Critique of Alice Bailey and Her Claims

Aug 23, 1998 06:26 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Anyone interested in theosophy should read this article, which is a
masterful analysis by Weeks. I quickly read it and glad that I am reminded
again what was it that HPB and her Teachers were to achieve with the
presentation of Theosophy to the world of today. Anyone with an open mind
will be very much helped by the article.


Caldwell/Graye wrote:

> Interested readers may want to peruse the following critique of Alice
> Bailey and her claims:

> Theosophy's Shadow by Nicholas Weeks
> Originally published in the magazine FOHAT, this revised and expanded
> version can be found on the WWW at:
> If any reader wants to do a formal reply/rebuttal, we will be happy to
> post it on the same website.

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