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High Speed Internet Access

Aug 23, 1998 04:12 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Today I got a first hand feel for high speed Internet access. With a 10Mbps
Ethernet access, I was able to down load a 15MB file in less than 3
minutes. For example the entire 2 volume SD can be downloaded in less than
2 minutes. This is possible not in any high tech large corporation. This is
possible now for students in colleges. Access possible from libraries,
dining areas, departments, and dorms at no extra cost to the student. The
access is provided as part of the facilities provided to the students.

I think this gives a taste of things to come within the reach of every man,
woman and child.

The point that is of importance to theosophists is that all the classics
will be immediately accessible at *almost* *no* *cost* (other than one's
time) and everyone interested can benefit from theosophy classics. On the
other hand, some of the classics are already available on the web. But some
theosophical organizations are still wedded to print media. How long it is
going to take for them to understand the possible shrinking *market* for
printed media which can be sold where as info on the net is free for most

Information access due to Internet and the growth of e-mail as a medium of
communication is showing an astounding growth with no end in sight. Anyone
either unwilling to see it or blind to the possibilities inherent is likely
to be in for a shock of their lives, soon.


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