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Selling/Ordering Books round the clock

Aug 22, 1998 08:56 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Books are being sold in the old fashioned way -- by books store where you
can browse and sometimes have a cup of coffee as well. Small books stores
are replaced by large chains. Another phenomenon is the cyberselling of
books. Here is an interesting experience.

When I urgently needed a book, I looked up and they did not have
it in stock. It will take 6 to 8 weeks to special order. Visited two Barnes
and Noble book stores with no luck. Then visited the Barnes & Noble
website. Bingo. They had it in stock and can ship immediately and with 20%
discount as well plus shipping charges. All it took was to enter my name
and address and provide credit card information. Within a short time a
confirmation e-mail was received. Was also informed that a e-mail would be
sent as soon as shipping takes place. In 24 hours I got another e-mail
confirming that it has been shipped by USPS priority mail.

If traditional books stores operating on 9-5 office hours are run out of
business, is there any wonder. Larger outfits and those on cyberspace are
able to provide better pricing and better service and in this free market,
the natural result will be lack of business and ultimately resulting in
disappearance of the small books stores.

For many of us operating on round the clock, (I am writing this letter on a
Saturday at 11.00pm) the cyberspace ordering of publications and other
material  comes in very handy and that is where the business is going to go

Thought I should share this phenomenon.


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