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Re: "Brotherhood"

Jul 03, 1998 08:01 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 07:04 PM 7/2/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>We would often congregate in an inexpensive London restaurant, and
>so this was her first port of call.  One member was in there, a young
>man - we were all so young! - and she, having nowhere to stay for the
>night, and no money to speak of, asked him for help.  Without
>hesitation, having heard her tale, he have her the key to his one-room
>apartment and six shillings for a taxi and food.
>Unbeknown to her, it was his last six shillings, and he had nowhere else
>to stay for the night.  Later, some of the other members found him sitting
>in the restaurant, and made sure he had enough to eat, and money to
>keep himself going.  Sadly, no one available at the time was in a position
>to put him up, and he slept on the streets for three nights, by which time
>the young woman in question had been able to make arrangements.
>As he saw it, her needs were greater than his, so he applied the rule,
>and those who found him later did the same.
>Now, in 1998, she is dead, but her two daughters are still alive with
>children of their own, and I speak to them often.  Sometimes they come
>to stay, and there is a great bond between us.
>That, theosophists of all colors, is what we called "brotherhood" and still
>do.  Quite a few of the members of that long-ago group are now either
>dead, or have moved on without trace.  The few of us that are still in
>touch would, if called, respond at the drop of a hat, as they say, and
>over the years, this has happened more than once.
>Just for the record.
>Alan Bain

Actions speak louder than any head learning and IMHO is more important than
knowing all the intricate details of theosophical doctrines. Such sacrifice
as you described that you rarely see.

There was a similar situation I was aware of. A young lady who had just
been released from the hospital after childbirth did not have any place to
go but her mother's. When she showed up at the door of the mother, she and
the newborn were refused accommodation by the mother. Then she sought the
help of a young man she had known her and even though he was single did put
her up and the child for a couple of days till she could find a permanent
home. Though she was not a card carrying theosophist, even to this day --
after 22 years -- she is ever grateful for the kindness shown by the young
man. Also she is really helpful to anyone in need.


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