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Jul 03, 1998 07:42 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Dear list members,

What is difficult for many people to understand, especially in the USA,
is that UK tenancy laws have reverted to an archaic method that is
almost unbelievable in this day and age.  The *only* kind of protection
for *any* UK tenant is what is called (shades of Orwell) "An Assured
Shorthold Tenancy."  What this "assurance" amounts to is that no one
can be given notice before the minimum "assurance" of *six months*
has been completed.  After that, landlords - including public housing
authorities - can give tenants two month's notice, at the end of which, if
the tenant has not gone, they can apply to a court who will give the
tenant another two weeks.  After that - eviction, whether the tenant has
anywhere to go or not.  It *is* possible to negotiate a longer minimum
period, but very few landlords (though mine did) will promise more than
a year.

I have been here just over a year and a half, and could be given notice
*any time* the landlord feels like it, with no redress.  The house is up
for sale.  Sooner or later the landlord may likely decide that viewers of
the property might be put off by finding a sitting tenant in the place.  If
so - then zap, we're out of here.  I have made applications to all of the
possible bodies that offer rented accomodation, both public and private,
with medical and welfare backing for two *disabled* people sharing.

There is a little hope, but not in the short term.  This isn't "karma" - it's
large scale hardness of heart to the plight of the poor and needy,
backed by government laws.


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