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re: help Alan

Jul 07, 1998 11:22 PM
by K. Zaitzev

     Hi Thoa.

t> Alan is unemployed because he is disabled.  He is 65 and crippled by
t> osteoarthritis.  It is a debilitating disease.  From what I know about
t> it, I would guess he is in constant pain
 Let he posts to the maillists his photograph. There was a discussion
among our sorceres, do magic operations over digital photographs work
as well as over conventional ones, but anyway I'm sure that there are
healers who could try to help him among our subscribers.
   The second thing I propose is to select the time (I prefer 12.00 GMT
to avoid errors) when as much as possible of our subscribers will send
the helpful thoughts. One may even try to direct "world financial currents"
to particular person though sometimes it leads to unexpected results.
   Of course we should state previuosly, what particular kind of in-

t> But if Alan says he's also crippled and mentally disabled, I believe him.
 It's the worst of all.

> Paul wrote:
> Alan, I work full time and am barely keeping out of
> debt, have next to no savings and live in a $24,500 house which
 Here I rather agree with Paul.
  When I first read about $130000 and "life & death" I've first thought
that it's the debt. If one is owed some money to mafia, the debt grows
very fast. In Russia it's called "set on meter". Or the other reason for
such a sum is a kidnap.
  But as I understood, Alan simply has no place to live. But what reason
to buy such a expensive house - it would better rent a small one
room apartment. The sum requiered for that could be easily collected.

t> Did Hitler commit destruction all by himself?  Of course not!  Did the
t> majority of the people actively commit heinous crime? No.
 Anyway, it was majority of people who have they have done it "intentially".
Majority denied painter Schikelgruber but readily accepted him when he
became dictator Hitler. Moreover, they were glad that he makes all
dirty work for them and frees them from responsibility (as they thought).
Maybe Hitler himself is less responsible because he conscoiusly _took
that responsibility_. I think when someone conscioussly makes the crime,
it isn't a crime but an error, but when someone refuses to think by himself
and makes what Hitler or someone else has ordered to him, it's the real crime.

> Paul wrote:
> But that is not reasonable advice for the real world we are living in.
 The world is not real, it's a maya. :)

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