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My way etc. ...

Jul 09, 1998 02:01 PM
by Ken Malkin

Greetings one and all,

I believe we have gone overboard with this entire issue. This is not brain
surgery. It was/is a simple request for financial help. The man is well known to
us all and we should be well capable of making our own decisions, individually.
I am sure that people do not go public with 'stuff' unless the need is dire.

Yes, it my be a matter of interpretation, but that is what the work of
discernment is all about. It is unseemly to continue to opinionate upon and drag
someone's needs through public forums. I believe I am associated with refines
ladies and gentlemen. All of us do the best we can. The best we can starts with
understanding and compassion and ends with action.

To do nothing is as an acceptable act. It need not be justified.

Lets just leave this string now, we need not continue to embarrass ourselves.

As always, my peace profound
Ken Malkin

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