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Internet Resources on Theosophy

Jul 30, 1998 07:35 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Here is a flyer put out by ACT (Association of Concerned Theosophists).


Theosophy Resources on the Internet

Presented as a service to theosophists by the Association of Concerned
Theosophists (ACT). The Internet has opened up immense opportunities to
access and exchange information on Theosophy. Two key  functions of the
Internet are the Word Wide Web (WWW) and the e-mail based Maillists. 

World Wide Web (WWW): At various locations on the Internet, a lot of
retrievable information such as  theosophical classics like The Secret
Doctrine and The Key to Theosophy are available for free. To access them
one needs an Internet Connection and a program such as Netscape Navigator
or Internet Explorer. Some of the WWW addresses are listed below. The list
is not exhaustive. More sites can be found by using search engines.

Theosophical Society in America (Adyar) 
Theosophical Society (Pasadena) 
United Lodge of Theosophists    
Theosophy International        
Association of Concerned Theosophist
Theosophy Maillists		
Theosophical University Press
Adyar: Home of Theosophical Society
High Country Theosophist 
Blavatsky Net Foundation 

Maillists: Maillists based on electronic mail (e-mail) cater to specific
interests. Maillists distribute e-mail messages to everyone in the list.
One has to sign up for a maillist to be included in it, to receive the
e-mail messages and to participate in it. Unlike WWW, an Internet
Connection is not essential. From most major cities around the country, one
can use free e-mail from JUNO Company. All that is needed is a Personal
Computer with Windows. For information on how to get a free JUNO
connection, please contact John Mead whose telephone number is listed
below. Almost all maillists are free and anyone can join them. To join, one
has to send a e-mail message to the specific address with an online
"subscribe" message as indicated, replacing xxxxxxx with your real name.
THEOS-L , ACT-L and THEOS-TALK are very active lists. Some of the maillist
addresses for theosophy are listed below. The list is not exhaustive.  

ACT-L 					Association of Concerned Theosophists. 
"subscribe" to ACT-L xxxxxxx" to
NL-L  					List of National Lodge of the TSA
"subscribe NL-L" to
(Note: You need to be a member of TSA  (Adyar) and National Lodge to join
NL-L.)		Discussing future of Theosophical Movement.
"subscribe theos-buds xxxxxxx" to        		General Theosophy discussions.
"subscribe theos-L xxxxxxx" to 		Theosophical News/Events Announcements. 
"subcribe theos-news xxxxxxx" to  History & historical literature of Theosophical
"subscribe theos-roots xxxxxxx" to   	For benefit of Spanish speaking Theosophists.
"subscribe theos-span xxxxxxx" to	Theosophical discussion
"subscribe" to     	Theosophical Electronic Clearing House List. 
"subcribe theos-tech xxxxxxx" to			Theosophy International Discussion List.  
"subscribe ti-L xxxxxxx" to
TS-L 				TSA Theosophy Discussion List.
"subscribe ts-L" to

If you have any questions about the Internet and how to get connected,
please call  John E. Mead at (704) 543-6519 or send an e-mail to

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