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To Eiichi

Jun 02, 1998 00:08 AM
by Thoa Tran

Hi Eiichi,

After I read Mondrian's work and realized what he was getting at, I saw how
other writer's analyses of Mondrian's work paled in comparison.  The
reason?  These people were not theosophists!  They tried to explain his
work in their language and ended up with statements more complicated than
Mondrian's intention.  Of course, Mondrian's writing seemed simple to me
because I already know some of the theosophical concepts.  Now, I am
absolutely certain that Mondrian is a theosophist through and through.  I
would say he's a theosophist who paints, and not a painter who's dabbling
in theosophy.  In every single of his statements, I see a theosophist
thinking.  And I see a theosophist being influenced by the art concepts of
his age.

Thoa :o)

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