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theosophy for the masses and for the intellectuals

Jun 01, 1998 08:22 PM
by M K Ramadoss

We had discussions on how theosophy can be brought to masses and the
complex details that interest intellectually oriented. I think that
theosophy caters to everybody -- from the ignorant, illiterate to
philosophers and pundits with PhDs. However, the key seems to be the
ability of the latter to get down from the high horse and actively and
creatively take action that will help the ignorant and illiterate. From the
point of view of the latter, here is a statement Krishnaji made which is to
the point.

   "Krishnamurti has harsh words for the spiritual "elitism" implicit in
the traditional approaches:"  ".... first there is whole idea that it is
only for the most super-elite that this can happen. And to come to that
state of the elite, you must go through lives, practice, through yoga,
through various forms of meditation, you must sacrifice, you must not
marry, you must be poor, you must be rich, you must be devout, you must be
celibate, do this or not do this, dozens and dozens of things. And people
have done it and never got it. They done all these various things with
their lives, tortured themselves... So it isn't just something you work
towards, or you invite. It is not progressive doesn't
function that way..."

"Krishnamurti's deep concern was not to cultivate a spiritual elite, but to
reach everyone:"
   "But there is the man in the street all the same. What is he going to
do?... He's concerned with his life, not with Krishnamurti's life or the
Theosophical life or the Catholic life: he's concerned with his daily life.
And when you bring this thing in, he says, "You so immeasurably complicate
it." And the people want it to complicate... that is a way of escaping from

[Quoted from JK's Conversations with KFA Trustees, 1972]
[In this discussion JK discusses in detail the TS's spiritual hierarchy,
the TS expectations with regard to the World Teacher and his perception of
his own mission. Very small portion of the discussion has been released. If
and when rest of the material is released, I will not be surprised if we
find some shocking statements from him.]

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