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Heretics in Good Company

Jun 03, 1998 05:26 PM
by jim meier

St. Joan of Arc - Galileo - Johannes Kepler - Meister Eckhart
Copernicus - Tertullian - Martin Luther - Menno Simons -
Mathew Fox - Origen - St. Zephyrinus - Carmel McEnroy -
John McNeil - Hans Kung - Ivone Gebara - the Franciscans -
Hippolytus - Peter Waldo - Arnold of Brescia- Henry of Lausanne -
Jesus of Nazareth - Tissa Balasuriya of Sri Lanka - Jovinian -
Clementius / Everard - Jan Hus - Peter Abelard - Gerard Segarelli -
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin - Patrick Hamilton - Charles Curran -
Ihm Sisters of Los Angeles - Joachim of Fiore - Leonardo Boff -
John Courtney Murray - Theodoret - Ebion - Lucas of Prague -
Theodore of Mopsuestia - Fratres Unitores - Giordano Bruno -
John Scotus Erigena - Giraude de Lavaur - David of Dinant -
Bill Callahan - the Vatican 24 - Marguerite Porete - the Beguines -
Call to Action of Nebraska

HERETIC IN GOOD COMPANY  is the cover of the latest Northern Sun catalog,
also poster and T-shirt (of course),

"Free Thinker" is not the same as Ageless Wisdom, exactly, but it's close
enough to rate a posting here, imo.  Makes a "Who's Who" of liberals
trivia question... and gave me a chance to try out the encyclopedia CD-ROM
that came with this PC.... anybody know who is/are "Call to Action of


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