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proxies for neutrals

Jun 15, 1998 09:03 PM
by Drpsionic


 For those of you who not sent in your proxies yet and are wondering if you
 want to been seen by the powers that be as being committed to act and are a
 bit nervous about it,  for whatever reason, Gerda Thompson and I are both
 going to convention and thus will be able to vote proxies as well.

 For those of you who don't know her, Gerda has been a thorn in the side of
 John for a few years now insisting on such arcane measures as actually making
 board meeting minutes easily available to the members.  She is also so
 scrupulously honest that rumor has it she once turned in her mother for
 keeping a library book overdue.

 And of course, I am the Heretic and follow no party line.

 If you want to give your proxies to us, put Charles W. Cosimano or Gerda J.
 Thompson in the appropriate spaces.

 (By the way, this was Gerda's idea, so don't blame me!)

 Chuck the Heretic

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