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Invitation to Boston

Jun 17, 1998 09:55 PM
by M K Ramadoss

>Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 21:18:28 -0400 (EDT)
>Subject: Invitation to Boston

Dear Friends,
As a new member of this discussion list, I wish to introduce myself.  I am a
member at large of the TSA but have recently been elected President of the
Theosophical Society in Boston.  As some of you may know, the Boston Lodge
been part of the TSA for a long time; but a few years ago, the TSA
attempted to
dissolve our lodge and seize our assets.  The Boston lodge responded with a
legal fight.  The outcome was that the Boston lodge became independent; it
retained part of its assets, but the TSA and lawyers also received

We have moved into a new location in Arlington (close to Boston), publish a
quarterly newsletter, operate a bookstore, and have an active program of
classes, workshops, and lectures.

Since the Boston lodge is now completely independent, I am interested in
establishing links with other theosophical groups. It would be nice for our
members to feel welcomed when visiting other groups, and for members of other
groups to feel welcomed when visiting us.  So, here is my invitation to
on this list.  If you plan to visit Boston, please consider visiting us.  I
would be glad to give directions, meet you, and be your host.

Zack Lansdowne
The Theosophical Society in Boston
21 Maple Street
Arlington, MA 02174
(781) 648-0101


I have seen in the last four decades, different TS organizations have
isolated themselves from each other. Internet at last is tearing down the
artificial organizational barriers (like the Berlin wall) and now those
interested in Theosophy whether belonging to one or more of the
organizations or none are interacting at the level of individuals as all of
us are committed to the same objects. The invitation from Boston is one
more example of the uniting influence of Internet and we have not seen
anything yet. When most homes are wired for Internet, a day will come soon
when many people interested in Theosophy around the world will be able to
interact and discuss and help each other. May Internet live long!


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