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Jun 19, 1998 05:20 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

June 19th 1998

By week end we shall, as a world, be at Mid-summer.

Greetings to all at this turn of the annual cycle.

June 25th also marks the 79th death anniversary of Robert
Crosbie, the founder of the United Lodge of Theosophists.   [The
ULT will hold a special meeting at 7.30 pm on Sunday June 1st to
commemorate this anniversary.  Address in Los Angeles at
Theosophy Hall, Grand ave. and 33rd Street. ]

Dallas offers:  Some words from Robert Crosbie

"How shall we apply Theosophy in daily life ?  First, to think
what we are in reality, on arising;  to endeavor to realize what
this small segment of our great existence may mean in the long
series of such existences;  to resolve to live throughout the day
from the highest of our realizations;  to see in each event and
circumstance a reproduction in small or in great of that which
has been;  and to deal with each and every one of these from that
same high point.

Resolve to deal with them as though each had a deep occult
meaning and presented an opportunity to further the successes of
the past, or undo the errors.  Thus living from moment to moment,
hour to hour, life will be seen as a portion of a great web of
action and reaction, intermeshed at every point, and connected
with the Soul which provided the energy and sustained it.

If each event is so considered throughout the day, be it small or
great, the power to guide and control your energies will in no
long time be yours.  The smaller cycles of the personal ego will
be related to the Divine Ego and the force that flows from the
latter will show itself in every way, will strengthen the whole
nature, and will even change the conditions, physical and
otherwise, which surround you."

"The Movement is accelerated by us to the extent we work for it,
and hindered to the extent that we let it pull us along."

"The greatest truths are the simplest."

"For practical purposes:  if we are developing the child-heart;
if we are learning to love things beautiful;  if we are becoming
more honest and plain and simple;  if we are beginning to sense
the sweet side of life;  if we are getting to like our friends
better and extending the circle;  if we feel ourselves expanding
in sympathy;  if we love to work for Theosophy and do not ask
position as a reward;  if we are not bothering too much about
whether we are personal or impersonal -- this is traveling on the
                                                R C -- The
Friendly Philosopher.

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