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Unveilers Unveiled

Jun 20, 1998 10:42 AM
by K. Zaitzev

    Hello Paul!

> As I stated on another list, I won't debate my books about HPB
> publicly any more, since the hypotheses have been in print over 7
> years now and my new book about Cayce is just about to appear.
> That's really my main interest now.

  Oh, poor Cayce! :(
But I've heard that he is popular in the USA.

> communion with her teachers, and wrote what she believed was
> their messages for them, does her misleading description of those
> teachers make the whole thing a "humbug"?
  Consequently it isn't a humbug, it's a self-deceit.
"Simplicity is worse than a theft" - russian proverb says.

> The world is not such a black and white place in my estimation.
  When Vsevolod Solovyov wrote his fabulous anti-HPB book "Unveiled
priestess of Isis", his brother Vladimir wrote: don't confuse me
with my brother Vsevolod, he, not me, had the relations with HPB
abd wrote about her some gray book.
  I didn't understand what he have meant under "gray" but now I guess :)

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