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Bro. N. Sri Ram

Jun 20, 1998 07:22 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Martin Leiderman asked me to write down my observations about N. Sri Ram,
late International President and father of Radha Burnier, present
International President.

I have attended many of his lectures and I have not personally met him. He
is one of the lowest keyed individuals I have seen. Very few knew of him
outside the close knit active members of TS, until he was elected as
President. Any one who has seen him is struck as a very gentle and quiet
person. A very good model for any TS leader to follow.

He was the personal secretary to Annie Besant and helped her when she
published a Newspaper during Indian Independence days. He was known to be a
master of english language, even though he majored in Math. During the time
of C. Jinarajadasa as President, I heard that CJ always got his important
communications reviewed by Sri Ram just to make sure that the communication
is precise and no even inadvertantly misunderstood due to the use of a
wrong word or sentence.

In or or two cases I had personally known of his decisions, they have
always been very sound in hindsight. When I attended his lectures, I was a
young man and as such found some of the topics he addressed were beyond my
comprehension. He was a very open minded person which is shown by his being
responsible for many people to be introduced to Krishnaji. Every year, the
International Convention at Adyar and Krishnaji's talks across the river
from Adyar HQ used to take place in last week of December. The Convention
schedule was so arranged so that there was no conflict between its schedule
and Krishnaji's talks, so  that anyone who wanted to attend the talks could
do so without missing any convention activity. Usually everyone at the
convention attended Krishnaji's talks. Sri Ram always attended Krishnaji's
talks. Sri Ram widely travelled and lectured during his long association
with TS.


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