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from THEOS-L digest 1519/Sy/Bart

May 06, 1998 03:35 AM
by jim meier

Regarding some past threads,

> M K Ramadoss wrote [to Bart]: Do you have any details of on what issues
conflicts were as far as the
> first two - Sy and Bing are concerned?

to which Bart replied,

>        You have referred to them often enough.

and Alan chipped in,

>With respect, Bart, you do not answer the question, and Doss's reply to
>the above suggests you are incorrect.

with a minor chide for "unbrotherlyness," and Doss ended with

></italic>I don't recall mentioning any conflict. I am not feigning

Were I Bart, I would probably have answered much the same way.  The posts
on Bing -- or rather, the most recent series of threads on Bing -- was
around the time of the election bylaws changes, as were most of Sy's posts.
 These went on for weeks, and anyone interested can pull up the old

In a nutshell (for those who were not on theos-l at the time), Sy's
"problems" involved Florida section elections and Bing's came from National
elections some years back, both involving legal determinations from TSA hq
on election procedures. The "not pro Algeo" faction of the TSA (trying not
to write "anti-Algeo," which would be less correct) stems in large part
from the way Bing was treated -- and some say unfairly denied the
opportunity to head the American Society.   Since Algeo was the beneficiary
*whether or not he was part of any allegedly unfair actions by hq* he
naturally gets his share of the "anti-hq" feeling (and here, "anti"
probably is accurate -- ala ACT, etc.).

Doss, you may have forgotten, but they were both threads lasting more than
a few days each and you did participate; does anything post here that you
don't participate?  :)     Bart evidently remembers either the originals or


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