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Sex & spiritualiryty

May 09, 1998 10:13 AM
by K. Zaitzev

     Hello Thoa!

>and it replaced celibate as "a standard of right spiritual life" :)
>So he had to introduce something revolutionary new :)

th> Marital infidelity is nothing new.  Even things going on nowadays is
 Marital infidelity isn't new in civil life, but as a standard of
right spiritual life it seems to be a breakthrough. ;)

>     With beat regards, Konstantin.

th> I am communicating with you in the Soviet Union.
th> Our big world is getting smaller!
 Your world seems to be not only small, but also rather old. There's no
Soviet Union at least for 7 years.

th> Your English is terrific.
 _My_ English? English is terrific language at all :)

th> Have you studied it for a long time?
  I've _never_ studied it. I've studied German in the school & institute.
All I know in English is from rock songs & PC programs.
Anyway I'm trying to read & write English approx. for 12 years ;)

      With beast regards, Konstantin. ;)

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