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Bailey and discipleship groups/Abraham

May 10, 1998 10:40 AM
by jim meier

Back on April 30, Konstantin wrote, 

>BTW, have anyone of you read "Disciple's mirror", a book written down
>by Brigit Lomborg? Is it popular among the western theosophists?
>That book states that sex is not prohibited, and moreover, recommended
>for the disciples. An author, who declared himself to be that Tibetan
>who wrote Bailey books, stated that an experiment with the groups of
>disciples has failed because humanity isn't developed enough, so hie-
>rarchy tried an experiment with the least possible group - a pair.
>One member of the pair is more developed (approx. one life ahead) and
>leads another one. An author, whoever he could be, seems to me a very
>informed person; our Roerich fans don't deny that though regard him
>to be a black lodge emissar. Of course the book overviews different
>questions, most of them have no obvious connection with a sex.

I have not seen the book, but I will keep looking for it as a curiosity, if
nothing else.  
It would be difficult to imagine the Tibetan's experiment in externalizing
an Ashram continued with a "group of two"; looking at the original group
goals as outlined in the two AAB books which are compilations of the
instructions of the Tibetan to his group members, DISCIPLESHIP IN THE NEW
AGE vols. I and II, it seems that two people just wouldn't be enought to
pull it off... i.e., telepathic interplay within the group and sensitivity,
enabling group unity, group meditation and group activity for certain
specific ends.  

Those two AAB books are quite lengthy and consist of a series of personal
instructions as well as some group teaching which were made public as an
aid to the rest of us who are trying to manage our personalities, that we
might benefit from seeing how others dealt with (or were unable to handle)
problems which are common to humanity.  The identities of the original
disciples are not given, but are coded with initials.  There is a new book
by Kurt Abraham titled TECHNIQUES OF SOUL ALIGNMENT with the premise that
the initials given for each disciple are "keywords" for that individual's
life purpose.  From the jacket,

  "One of the purposes of ESOTERIC PSYCHOLOGY is to aid in the revelation
of one's higher spiritual possibilities.  This is not a path of acquisition
and self-aggrandizement, rather it is a path of self-discipline and
service.  There are several very practical techniques that help facilitate
this all important process, including
- Knowledge of the Seven Rays and how these ray energies relate to the
suble bodies
- Meditative reflection on certain seed thoughts
- The use of a daily review
- The use of certain KEYWORDS that balance specific ray energies and draw
forth the energy of the higher Self or Soul.

  The use of KEYWORDS is a most important technique used by the Adepts who
guide and teach through profoundly meaningful phrases and often through the
use of a *single word.*  This major technique is explored in depth,
including suggestions as to how one can determine one's own guiding
KEYWORDS.  The "trap of many words," -- a trap into which intellect and
personality invariably fall -- is avoided in the *soul-to-soul single
keyword technique.*"

I found it to be an interesting and useful book.  It is ISBN 0-9609002-6-8,
$14.00, from Lampus Press, also available from the Lucis Trust Publishers.


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