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easy funds for the TS

May 14, 1998 01:55 AM
by Darren

James Randi's foundation has put up pledges of over US$1 million to any
person who can demonstrate in controlled conditions a supernatural ability
or effect. There must be some member with a slight degree of telekinetic
power or some other  Siddhi. This would be some easy funds for the TS to
channel to some worthy cause.

And (sorry!) back to issue of drugs again. I haven't kept this thread going
because my computer has been out of service for a couple of weeks but in
that time i've managed to find HPB's reference to drugs in the SD -

"SOMA is the moon astronomically; but in mystical phraseology, it is also
the name of the sacred beverage drunk by the Brahmins and the Initiates
during their mysteries and sacrificial rites. The 'soma' plant is the
asclepias acida, which yields a juice from which that mystic beverage, the
Soma drink, is made. Alone the descendants of the Rishis, the Agnihotri
(the fire priests) of the great mysteries knew all it's powers. But the
real property of the true Soma ['The Elixir of Life'] was (and is) to make
a new man of the initiate, after he is reborn... 
"The partaker of Soma finds himself both linked to his external body, and
yetv away from it in his spiritual form. The latter, freed from the former,
soars for the time being in the ethereal higher regions, becoming virtually
'as one of the gods,' and yet plainly preserving in his physical brain the
memory of what he sees and learns. Plainly speaking, Soma is the fruit of
the Tree of Knowledge forbidden by the jealous Elohim to Adam and Eve or
Yah-Ve, 'lest man should become as one of us.'" 
-H.P. Blavatsky The Secret Doctrine, Vol. II: Anthropogenesis (p. 499)
Theosophical University Press 

Of course since then many have argued over the nature of the true Soma. R.
Gordon Wasson, Clark Heinrich and Terrence McKenna have shown fairly
conclusively that it was more likely Amanita Muscara or Psilocybin
Cubensis. These natural psychadelics recreate the experience of death of
which initiation is. When you've died and been reborn you will have seen
the great truth. LSD can also be used to imprint the Tibetan Buddhist
experience however this is not the preferred method as the drug does not
have a strong morphogenic field as compared with the natural psychadelics. 

For more information see the Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension.


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