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Dugpas online

May 17, 1998 11:27 PM
by Thoa Tran

>     Hello!
>th> The dugpas have been striking my computer system all of this week!
>Dr. A.M.Bain <> wrote:
>> har har har! Tee hEE! Devislish smirking .....
>> The Dugpas {Momma Dugpa, Pappa Dugpa and all the little dugpas)
>  Here in Fidonet there's not rare case when someone's system is shut
>down such way. Especially in magic related newsgroups SU.MAGIC & RU.MAGIC.
>The specially charged messages are using. A friend of mine got a heart
>attack after receiving such a message. But this case is extraordinary.
>  With best regards, Kay Ziatz, tamporary moderator of SU.MAGIC ;)

Hi Kay and Doc Alan,

This week, it seems to be striking servers and other people's system, too.
Since they already came up with a virus scan, maybe we should come up with
a hex scan? :o)

Thoa :o)

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