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Masters revealed

May 29, 1998 10:45 PM
by K. Zaitzev

  Hi, mr. Johnson!

J> Glad you removed the uglier parts.
 It's a normal practice here in FidoNet first to write messages and
then read them before sending for some censorship. There are moderators
in Fidonet echoareas who could punish those who aren't polite.
But sometimes I hurry & forget to do that.
If there was moderator he would long ago excommunicate us for off-topic :)

J> As for my copyright
 Well, everything's clear, so let's better discuss the masters.

Did you really insist that Morya and maharaja of Kashmir are the same person?
Or mr. Caldwell and other people like him have mispresented your opinion?

 With salut, Konstantin Zaitzev aka Kay Ziatz

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