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Re: Theos-World ACT Newsletter

Mar 31, 1998 09:24 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 02:11 PM 3/31/1998 -0500, Bart wrote:
>I have just read the ACT newsletter. 

>#7) I am generally in favor of this, but have no idea of the cost of doing
>It would probably be a good idea, in terms of future examples, if an
>cost could be given, to show that it is not prohibitive.

MKR: To make the issue very clear, I am re-quoting this proposed Goal/Aim
of ACT:

7) Work to have an independent firm receive the ballots for election of
nationl officers and directors of TSA in the 1999 and subsequent elections
and witness the counting of the ballots.

[For example: A TSA member who was on the staff at Olcott during 1986 and
1989 elections has recently given a sworn, statement, made available to
ACT. This statement raises questions of impropriety in the ballot handling.]

MKR: This is issue is a very serious matter. It goes to the heart of the
integrity of election process. Even a linger doubt can do serious harm to
any organization. So any price is worth paying.

As for the cost, there are quite a few options. While it appears that
Chicago professional rates are quite high, we can shop around the country.
The mechanics of handling it can be dealt with from almost anywhere in the
country. So the cost issue should not be a deterrent or an excuse for not
implementing it.

Also if there is a member of TSA whose firm is willing to do it pro bono,
then cost would be a non-issue.

M K Ramadoss

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