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An important new booklet

Apr 01, 1998 11:36 AM
by Ringding

An interesting new booklet is available: Dr. Franz
Hartmann's "Truth & Fiction - The Theosophical Society
and the Miracle-Cabinet of Adyar". Robert Hütwohl did a
nice job to translate this eyewitness report from the
German and make it accessible now for the first time
for English readers. I checked the translation and was
surprised for the good quality.
The cover text reads:
"First written as correspondence to Arthur Weber, Franz
"Hartmann's candid views about the Coulomb affair at
"the headquarters of the Theosophical Society at Adyar,
"Madras, India are extremely valuable on the early
"history of the Theosophical Society. An updated
"schematic rendering of the "occult room" is included,
"which is "different than the one Hartmann first
"published in his "A Report of Observations Made at the
"Theosophical "Headquarters at Adyar in 1884." Hartmann
"also states little known information about H.S.
"Olcott's schemes "with the "shrine" and false Mahatma
"letters. Acknowledging H.P. Blavatsky stood somewhere
"in the middle "among the extreme opinions about her,
"Hartmann attempts to purify the distortions.
"Franz Hartmann also gives his reasons for his
"long-held silence on the various issues confronting
"the Theosophical Society which were expressed in his
"satirical novel "The Talking Image of Urur".
"He considered Heinrich Hensoldt's pamphlet, "Annie
"Besant, eine wunderliche Heilige [... a strange
"Saint] as damaging in its views towards H.P.
"Blavatsky, Annie Besant and other Theosophists
"and at least makes an effort to correct those
"distortions about Blavatsky."

It is easy to read and indeed of much worth. Every
student of Theosophy should have a copy on his shelf.
The booklet has 31 pages and costs $10,95 + $1,50 pp.
The ISBN is: 0-9651315-3-X, available from Spirit of
the Sun Publications, POB 2894, Santa Fe, NM
87504-2894. Roberts email is:

Ringding Frank
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- Searching for the lost German journals and books.
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