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is the TS anti-initiatory?

Apr 01, 1998 07:08 PM
by Thoa Tran

>Arhat-hoods available for all qualified initiates who have taken our
>$1000 course are free.  Others may obtain them at special rates (poa)
>and they are available in all regular and especially large sizes.
>(Note: these should not be worn at night.  For night wear contact our
>UK branch who can supply knighthoods - archaic spelling).
>Arhats Inc.

I would like my size to be in medium like HPB.  I know that Bart will claim
that she is an extra-large at the very least.  However, even with two
arhats and their turbans inside her, she is definitely a medium.

BTW, how much do sainthoods go for?  I would like one, please, to go with
my new name, Germain.

Thoa :o)

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